Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pineapple cookies, now featured! :)

been a while without posting a new illustration :( been busy preparing my short trip to australia, i'm going to take short course about writing and illustrating children books. will be there for around 6 weeks. i'm excited :) and i've been working on a series of children book, currently doing the last page for book number 2. will share some preview once it's done :D

okay, so i just got good news :) my work is featured by theydrawandcook for "recipes with pineapples". so happy to hear that! :D thank you nate and salli! i've posted it somewhere in december, but in case you forget, here's the preview. or just visit this link if you want to :)


  1. I came by to saw hi! Saw this at TDAC. It's lovely!!

  2. How cool, yay! Your recipe is adorable!