Tuesday, August 31, 2010

weekend project :)

mural painting!!! i was so excited when my dad n mom gave the permission to paint the back yard wall. actually i have another mural project for a children clothing store but since i've never done mural painting before i need to practice. so when i looked into the wide blank white wall, i got the idea! so the next day i grabbed my pencil and started drawing.

it's my first time so i did a lot of mistake. first i use a normal 2b pencil which is very wrong. the normal pencil leaves its mark even after i painted on it. so you still can see the grey line from afar which makes the painting not pretty. so i re-did that. i erased the pencil line and re-drew it with yellow pencil. it was such a waste of time, but it got better :) second, i don't use wall paint. i use aviant which is actually wood and iron paint. so it gives this shiny effect on the wall, it's kinda okay because it looks like a big sticker on the wall, but my uncle told me it'll be better and nicer if i use a normal wall paint. but well, this aviant paint is so much cheaper than the normal wall paint. never mind, i've got my lesson :)

it took me almost 3 days to finish, but not the kind of 3x24hours. i still got to do my daily activities, and sometimes the weather got too hot or it suddenly rains.. i thought it would be easy but turn out it's a bit complicated since i have no experience before. i don't even know the formula of combining the thinner into the paint, plus it took a lot of time to open the paint can. they all are so hard to be opened! i had to use a screwdriver.

what you see above has not 100% finished. i still haven't drawn the eyes and mouths and i still have other drawing to be painted. it's far-left from the sunflower, you can't see it on the pic. but i'm going to finish them all in this week. by the end of this week, everything will have been settled. promise :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

mr.octopus' bridge

august submission for children's illustrator group on deviantART.
topic: creature from under the bridge

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

caroline the kind porcupine

yay! my third one :) this is an animal tales collection story book, there are 10 stories inside and i illustrated one of them, the story about caroline the kind porcupine. this time i worked with the author herself, Mrs. Arleen Amidjaja. She created all the 10 stories, imagine how creative she is!! I really thank her for the chance she gave me. And look, my illustration was chosen to be the cover! Yay! ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

rainbow land

my rainbow land, my day dream escape :)
i noticed this contest news in my deviantart messages last month before i went to taiwan for holiday. i figure out i will have no time to make artwork to submit but when i come back and i read the news again, i want to join although the time is very limited. the deadline is tomorrow, yes tomorrow and i just finished it like an hour ago. it took me less than 3 days to finish it all, i'm glad now i've submitted it. i just want to share my day dream escape to those who love to create and build their own imagination kingdom :) never stop dreaming!


Monday, August 2, 2010

goodbye taiwan

my thank you card to my group leader, i really hope we have a chance to meet again some other time in our life. i'm so glad i meet you in my life and thanks for your kindness! and this is the only sketch i drew during the trip :(