Monday, April 4, 2011

i'm really grateful :)

I like to illustrate because it gives me some sort of power to create a joyful world, places that I can only dream going. By illustrating, I make part of them come true, to be seen and shared.

I’m interested in illustrations for children when I was in college. I can’t draw serious stuff like people or scenery. Once I had to try really hard to draw my friend’s face for college assignment, at the end, the result was still not good. The only thing I’m good at is drawing cute stuffs. I always do my work digitally because I’m not good in traditional art. But I always want to explore and develop my skill in using brushes, watercolor, acrylic, etc.

My inspirations come from the little things on my everyday life, but mostly they come from the classic stories I didn’t have a chance to read when I was little. I often heard about Pinocchio, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, they are familiar but I didn’t really know what their exact stories are. I only get the chance to read them nowadays, in my 20s. I always love the idea of places that never exist in reality. A perfect world where there’s no sadness, a colorful world where you can be happy all the time. So I put the thought into my works. I love playing with colors and create happy mood on my illustrations.

Illustrating makes me feel happy, especially once it’s done. It makes me feel that I’m there in the world I just created. I hope my illustrations make those who see them happy too! :D

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  1. I love the idea of drawing a fantasy world. I wish I could draw, it's a great way to express yourself!