Sunday, February 19, 2012

inspired by nature

sometimes when i see something beautiful i want my imagination to be part of it. saw the scenery of bagan, somewhere in myanmar, suddenly i picture something in my mind to be illustrated. went to lembang to have lunch with my friends at rumah stroberi, i saw this small beautiful pond, the next thing i know, i took the picture of it and started imagining what i could illustrate from that. i always imagine about these little people who live in their own world with their tiny things. in this case, their worlds refer to the scenery i saw. i always love to imagine them who have different hair colors and who are always happy. here they are, what came out from my mind, inspired by nature :)

"Somewhere Far Away"

inspired by the scenery of Bagan, Myanmar.
sunset with hot air balloons and amazing view below..

"On the Way Home"

inspired by a small beautiful pond in rumah stroberi, lembang, bandung.

and usually, after the illustration is created, or in the middle of the making, the stories start to flow in my mind. about a princess who flies alone with hot air balloon, or a happy couple who are just got married with lily pad as their ride, guarded by the ducks... would like to create the story until the finish line, but i have to learn more and work harder for that.. :)

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