Thursday, November 11, 2010

the sketchbook project #1

the cover

pg. 1

pg. 2 - 3

pg. 3 - 4

so it's only yesterday that i started doing my sketchbook project. i had no idea at all what to sketch, to match the theme, so i spent too much time thinking. but then i think 5 minutes can be a short time, but it can be one nice short time too.. so i think about little nice things to do in 5 minutes :) i have another month and a half so i hope i can finish it on time :)


  1. like the illustration and the composition <3
    looking forward for the next next next till last page.It's interesting theme, create story that u can do in 5 min.

  2. thanks pus :D i hope i have the strength to finish them all!! :D

  3. looks fab! and i love the cover!
    only done one page of mine! i was so enthusiastic when it first arrived too.....
    well done you xx

  4. i saw you were walking in the rain with momo!! :DD