Saturday, August 7, 2010

rainbow land

my rainbow land, my day dream escape :)
i noticed this contest news in my deviantart messages last month before i went to taiwan for holiday. i figure out i will have no time to make artwork to submit but when i come back and i read the news again, i want to join although the time is very limited. the deadline is tomorrow, yes tomorrow and i just finished it like an hour ago. it took me less than 3 days to finish it all, i'm glad now i've submitted it. i just want to share my day dream escape to those who love to create and build their own imagination kingdom :) never stop dreaming!



  1.'s so cute cute all ur work girl...
    if u don't mind, can i know what the program that u used for draw like this? i'm a terrebily amateur,lol...


  2. thanks a lot ,really appreciate it :D and i LOVE your works too! and hey, you're on tv!! too bad i missed it :p

    i use adobe illustrator :)

  3. wowwwww! rainbows!!! are so cute! super colorfull! > <