Thursday, July 1, 2010

summer part 1

suddenly i had an urge to make an illustration. the word "summer" just came into my mind and i want to illustrate. so here i am, blogging it out. the illustration hasn't finished yet, not even 50% of it, but im just gonna post it here so you (and i) can see the development. here's what's been done today :D

im thinking 24"x10" for the size so this illustration can be divided in to three parts, each of them 8"x10". see the blue line on the last image, that's the divider :) im still gonna add many tropical fruits in there, some hawaiian girls dancing, a surfer, and the background. how about rainbow for the background? i always love to have rainbow in my artwork :p ok then see you in summer part 2 hopefully tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or even the day after, i dont know yet, we'll see :)

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